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I'm Andreas Gruber

Court-certified Expert for IT and manager for WinCC OA product support and maintenance

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  • Address Austria, 7063 Oggau, Seegasse 10
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  • Phone +43 664 6152263

Hello! I’m Andreas Gruber. IT specialist with over years of experience in SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture.
Manage a team of highly trained professionals for WinCC OA is my daily business. I ensure customer satisfaction and provide in-depth knowledge about computers, operating systems, computer networks with a strong background in software development and database engineering. Court Certified Expert for IT since 2017.

Professional Skills

PCs, Computer systems and networks
C# / Java / PHP / perl / Javascript
Database design
Software development and maintenance
Configuration management

My Experience

  • Current

  • since 2017

    Court Certified Expert for IT

    Certified in the following segments:
    68.10 - IT Systems, Computers and Operating systems, Peripheral devices
    68.11 - PCs
    68.50 - Software development
    68.65 - Internetsoftware, Network applications

  • since 2016

    Innovation course for digital transformation and Industry4.0

    at Technical University in Vienna.

    • Product lifecycle management
    • Models and methods for the digital transformation
    • Automation and automated manufacturing systems
    • Value-adding networks
    • Integration engineering
  • since 2011

    Manager for WinCC OA product support and maintenance

    at ETM professional control GmbH.

    • Professional advice to internal and external customers in the areas software-architecture or IT-infrastructure
    • Analysis of complex technical problems
    • Mentoring of configuration management
    • Global responsibilty for product support and maintenance of SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture
    • Professional and disciplinary guidance of trained specialists
    • Interface between technical and commercial departments
    • Planning, carrying out and delivery of defect corrections
    • Process optimizations and evaluations
  • Previous era

  • 2012 - 2015

    Master degree in Business Informatics

    from the Ferdinand Porsche FernFH.

    • Leadership, management and finance
    • IT-Systems, -projects and -controlling
    • Contract law and IT law
    • Information security
  • 2008 - 2011

    Software developer

    at ETM professional control GmbH.

    • Development of interface drivers for WinCC Open Architecture
    • Implementation of software interfaces for IEC 80170, Modbus TCP, Dynamic Logic, S7 and Sinaut ST7
  • 2008 - 2010

    Degree in Information Technology

    from the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida.

    • Operating systems, computer architecture and communication networks
    • Embedded systems, microprocessor and -controller technology
    • Software engineering (C#) and database design
    • Digital technology and signal processing
    • Cost accounting and controlling
  • The past

  • 2006 - 2008

    WinCC OA project developer

    at ETM professional control GmbH.

    • Contribute to WinCC OA projects for customers
    • Design and development of components for WinCC OA
    • Development of modules in CTRL (C-style scripting language)
    • Database design and development (Oracle PL/SQL)
  • 2002 - 2005

    Software Developer and System Administrator

    at Compex IT-Solutions.

    • Software engineering (VB, VBA, C++, ASP)
    • System- and networkadministration
    • Creation of Websites and MS-Office solutions with database backend (Access, MySQL)
  • till 2001

    Degree in information technology and organization (EDV/O)

    from the HTL Wr. Neustadt.

    • Software engineering (C, C++, JAVA, VB, ASP, COBOL, Assembler)
    • Database Design and SQL (MS-SQL, Oracle)
    • Accounting and business administration
    • Project development, system- and operational planning

My Interest

First of all I love technology, finding out how things work is great. Love watching TV shows, movies and playing board games with my family. I spend quite a lot of time outside, either biking, playing tennis, or walking with my dog, this keeps me fresh for working environment. On a regular basis I am active at the local Internet Club, where I am a long-term board member.

  • Tennis
  • Gaming
  • Family
  • Bicycle
  • Dog
  • Movies

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